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Personal Data Protection Policy, and respectively Privacy Policy

Conference Republic doo as the organizer of the “Consumer Rules” Summit Conference undertakes herewith to protect your personal data. The text that follows contains information about the matter. 

 Please check the Personal Data Protection Policy from time to time, since there is possibility to be amended which will be presented on the web page.

 Date of entering into force 5th June 2019.

 Personal data controller

 Conference Republic doo, Resavska 32, 11000 Belgrade, VAT number: 106916954 , Telephone: +381 11 4050 695, e-mail:  shall respect your privacy and overtakes to protect it during and after your visit of this web page (hereinafter as “Web page”). In this respect, the Company Conference Republic doo shall act as a Processing Controller (“Processing Controller“). This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy“) provides insight into our activities regarding the collection and processing of personal data. 

Types of personal data to be processed:

Conference Republic doo shall collect and process personal data about you, e.g. information which can directly or indirectly identify you, especially by use of identifications like name, surname, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number or fax, account number, VAT number, the company name if it contains a personal datum in it, a photograph and other personal data if disclosed by you (“Personal data”), in cases when:

  • you use the Application Form for this web page
  • you use the application form for nominations as a speaker at the conferences held on the web page of our data processing controller
  • you contact us or connect to our web page through social networks,  
  • we photograph events and activities we organize,  
  • you give comments or ask questions,  
  • you check during the application for the participation at the conference confirmation to receive news about our promotional activities,
  • registered persons at the conference may be asked at the venue to show identification card in order to determine identity in accordance with the data on the registration form on the web page 
  • registered persons may be notified by email or SMS in case of rescheduling or change of the date of conference and other relevant information regarding the conference. 

Conference Republic doo shall not collect personal data unless you voluntarily give it, except for in case of certain data collected through information systems and programs used for operating purposes, which transfer is inherent to the use of internet communication protocols (e.g. IP addresses in application forms for a conference) and shall not require more information than it is necessary for participation in certain activities. If you do not want to give personal data (except for personal data relating to the use of internet communication protocols usually collected during your visit to our web page), you can still access our web page, but you will not be able to apply for the conference. 

At entrances to the conference which will be equipped with cameras and photographed there are clearly published rights to privacy and it is clearly noted that you can be recorded and photographed, which is also our legitimate interest since we organize a conference. In case you do not want to be recorded / photographed, please do not enter the area of recording and photographing.

Personal data of selected lecturers at the conference will be named on this web page in accordance with the need to present the lectures scheduling.   

Provision of information about the participants is voluntary and there is no contractual obligation or condition for a participant to do so. Data processing officer shall not create profiles out of collected information and respectively there is no automatic bringing of decisions. 


Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

This web page uses cookies for providing better user experience and functionality.

On this web page we use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, web analysis activity of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States (“Google”) which uses the so-called cookies, i.e. little file stored on your PC. We collect log information and information about how many visitors were on certain parts of the web page. Google analyzes the use of the web page and cookies provide the analysis of visits on the web page of partly unique randomly generated ID of your device according to which your device will be identified during the next visit to the web page. Life span is estimated to be 24 months, and the supplier of cookies is Google. If you visit this web page for the first time, there will be a notification inviting you to agree with the use of cookies. If you give your consent, we store cookies on your PC and such notification will not appear until the expiry of the life span of cookies. After its expiry or in case you actively delete it, the notification will appear again during your next visit to the web page and the invitation to accept the cookies. Information collected by Google relating to your use of the web page (e.g. starting URL, visited pages on our web site, web searching machine you used, language settings, computer system you used) will be transferred to the Google server in the USA, stored there and analyzed, and we are left a result in an anonymous form. Data on your use shall not be connected with your full IP address. On this internet page we activated a function for IP data anonymization, so that the last 8 digits (type Ipv4) and respectively last 80 bits (type Ipv6) of your IP-address shall be deleted.

Google is certified regarding EU-US Privacy Shield so that the data processing by Google in the USA is subject to an appropriate level of personal data protection.  Your consent to a web analysis may be withdrawn at any moment by downloading and installing Google Browser-Plug-in. For more information about Google Analytics, please see Google Analytics User Conditions, within Basic security and data protection from Google Analytics as well as Google Statement on data protection.


If you have, during your filling of application for participation in the conference, checked that you agree to receive news regarding promoting activities of the data processing officer, we can send you a newsletter with news regarding events we are to organize. 

Social networks

Conference Republic doo shall collect personal data about its own contacts on social networks (Facebook, Instagram and other) but shall not contact them except in case they answer to a questionnaire or comments. 

Photographs and recordings from the conference of the visitors shall be published on our social networks in accordance with our legitimate interest to promote the conference in order to make it recognizable and better in future.

Purposes, legal grounds of processing and possible consequences in case of not giving personal data

When giving your personal data we will limit the use of such personal data only for the purpose they were collected for according to the conditions defined in these Privacy Rules. The use of your personal data shall include:

A. Undertaking some steps upon your request, e.g. answer to your question and comments, receipt of your applications for participation in conferences, communicating with you about your activities on the web page, communicating with you through social networks. 

B. Procedure of investigating doubts on frauds, interruptions, physical threats or other violation of rights relating to the web page or any other doubtful behavior we may consider indecent; 

C. Processing of recordings/photographs of participants at the events organized by Conference Republic doo, for the purpose of promoting a conference.

Provision of personal data for the purpose referred to under item A. is voluntary, but in certain situations it is necessary and the refusal to provide such data may prevent Conference Republic doo to answer your requests. Data processing under items B. and C. is based on public and legitimate interest, whereas if we have obtained consent for recording / taking photographs and publishing of recordings / photographs, such processing shall basically include consent. Our legitimate interest is to record / take photographs of the visitors at conferences in order to promote them so that they become recognizable in media and better in future. 

Filling in the forms on our web page you guarantee that the information you provided is true and you completely agree with the provisions defined in our Privacy Policy and the conditions stipulated therewith.


Your personal data may be disclosed in the following cases:

  • To the persons we use for organization and realization of an event, personal data processing officer (e.g. taking photos at an event, etc.) 
  • To authorized PR agencies, event organizers, entities directly involved in certain event realization and control  
  • To entities maintaining our information systems,
  • To persons authorized by Conference Republic doo for the processing of personal data, subject to confidentiality clause (employees in Conference Republic doo), 
  • To services relating to law enforcement and public authorities in case it is stipulated by the competent law, legitimate or public interest (to protect and defend the rights or property of Conference Republic and the web page, or, under emergency circumstances act for the purpose of protection of personal safety of users of Conference Republic doo services, Web page or public) 
  • To legal advisors of Conference Republic doo in case it is necessary to forward some data for the purpose of legal proceedings,  
  • To business partners for their own needs only in accordance with the appropriate legal grounds,  
  • To Media Houses and agencies for digital marketing for the purpose of publishing photographs in printed media, on web pages and social networks  

Transfer of personal data to third countries

Conference Republic doo shall transfer Personal data out of EU and EGP, except in Switzerland, especially in the USA, but always based on security measures relating to the transfer of data in accordance with the provisions defined in General Data Protection Resolution of EU 679/2016, especially based on the Privacy Shield, guaranteeing an adequate personal data protection.

Data Retaining

Conference Republic doo will process your personal data only during the time necessary for acquiring described purposes. Conference Republic doo will process your Personal data collected for the purpose of applying for the conference not longer than 6 months from the receipt of the application. If you have checked the box to be informed about the promotions, we will retain your data until you recall it. 

Your rights

Conference Republic doo shall notify you that, in accordance with the scope as allowed by the competent law, you are entitled to require form Conference Republic doo access or deletion of personal data or restriction in processing of your personal data or appeal to the relevant activity and submit an appeal to the supervisory authority. 

Security practice

Your personal data safety is very important for us, so we have conducted appropriate physical, electronic and governing procedures in order to protect the data we collect. However, due to inherent open nature of Internet, we cannot guarantee that the communication between you and us or information stored on the web page or on our servers will be completely secured from unauthorized access of third parties. To the extent as provided by the competent law we waive all the obligations and responsibility for any damage you may have suffered for any loss, unauthorized access, abuse or change of any information you send to the web page. 


We do our best to ensure that all redirecting from our internet pages is forwarded to the internet pages not containing illegal and/or harmful content. However, pages and addresses on the network will change fast and we cannot always guarantee the content of each address we redirect you. 

Should you have any questions or dilemmas regarding our Personal Data protection Policy, or your own experience relating to this internet address, please contact us. 

Changes and updating of Privacy rules

Conference Republic doo shall reserve the right to amend and update the Privacy Rules at any moment whatsoever and without prior notification. Please check from time to time all the amendments and updates regarding our Privacy Rules, to be published here and there will be the updated date of entering into force on the first page of the Privacy Policy should there be any amendments or updates.

Contact information

Should you have any questions or comments with regard to the web page or Privacy Rules, please contact us by email at:

Personal data processing controller: 

Conference Republic doo
Resavska 32
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel.: +381 (0) 11 4050 695