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Andrej Knez

Bloomberg Adria

Andrej holds the position of Chief Markets Analyst at Bloomberg Adria, the first regional business multimedia platform in SEE. He leads an international team of analytical professionals covering economics, financial markets and corporate finance analysis for Adria region, including Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and North Macedonia. Andrej’s experience includes various managerial positions in the financial sector, in areas of risk management and analytics. Within risk management, Andrej led the teams which implemented multiple regulatory-required risk measurement processes as part of Basel II and Basel III frameworks as well as CRR and BRRD. His experience also includes mid-term macro and capital markets forecasting. As for formal education, Andrej majored macroeconomics at the University of Zagreb and participated in many internal and external educational courses for topics such as financial sector valuations, liquidity risk management and applied econometrics.