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Gergely Pokos


Gergely Pókos and Deputy CEO of Bonafarm Group from 2012. He is in charge of business development projects, including M&A activity of the companies, identifying growth potentials (both internal and external), managing projects aim at better performance.

He is board member of Pick Szeged Co., Sole-Mizo Co., Bóly Co., Dalmand Co., Fiorács Co.

Mr. Pókos started his career at McKinsey & Company. He worked for British American Tobacco at the Global Strategy and Business Intelligence Unit as Consultant in 2008, but in 2009 he returned to McKinsey & Company and left in 2012 as Associate Principal. During the years at McKinsey & Company he helped clients in setting up or optimizing sales processes and product portfolios, led several private equity sponsored commercial due diligence engagements, post-merger programs, organization transformation projects.

He obtained MSC degree in Economics at Budapest University of Economic Sciences and MBA degree at London Business School.