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Rusmir Hrvić

AS Holding

Rusmir Hrvić graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo and, at the age of 46, has produced tremendous results in his business dealings. Namely, in more than two decades a powerful company was built. In its inception company employed only three people, and currently employs 4,500 workers employed in 16 companies that produce over 2000 products which are exported in more than 30 countries in the region and the world. He gained his first business experience as a boy working in a small mom-and-pop store AS in Jelah, and after graduation he was appointed Managing Director of the same business. Through the years, he has acquired several domestic companies and had significant success in their recovery. He is currently the CEO of AS Holding, a business system consisting of most well-known BiH companies such as Klas, Vispak, Solana, Sprind and other companies whose products are an integral part of every household in Bosnia and Herzegovina.