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Definition of rights and obligations

This document defines the rights and obligations of all the organizers and participants of the “Consumer Rules” Summit (in further text CR Summit). In case you do not agree with the conditions laid out in this document, you will not be able to complete the process of registration and order the conference registration fee. Submission of the information entered indicates acceptance of the rights and obligations herein defined.

Guarantee of Quality

All the information about CR Summit can be found at This information is subject to change. All the information about scheduled lecturers, sessions, place and time of the CR Summit are also subject to change. We are not responsible for any changes in the CR Summit program.

Registration and ordering of the registration fee:

  • With your registration fee order you will receive the pro-forma invoice from the organizer Conference Republic
  • The registration fee includes:
    • Participant accreditation for CR Summit. Accreditation is a temporary Identification Document valid for CR Summit (this year’s conference) only.
    • Access to CR Summit and to all events scheduled on the CR Summit program (Agenda)
  • Organizer grants participation fees for the press upon their registration. Organizer reserves the right not to grant press accreditation if journalist is not attending the conference as the representative of his/her media which can be subject of verification. Once granted, registration fee for journalists includes:
    • Participant accreditation. Accreditation is a temporary Identification Document valid for CR Summit only
    • Access to CR Summit and to all events scheduled on the CR Summit program (Agenda)
  • The registration fee does not include
    • Accommodation for the duration of CR Summit
    • All other services not explicitly defined under 2 (or 3 in case of the press)
  • By accepting the rights and obligations stated in this document you will initiate the process of registration and the ordering of the registration fee.
  • You are hereby ordering the registration fee for CR Summit. If you do not wish to order the registration fee for CR Summit, please discontinue the registration process.
  • Paid registration fee is non-returnable and non-refundable. Registration is valid for one person only. The owner of the registration will receive accreditation which must be presented to the CR Summit staff. The misuse of the accreditation will result in its cancellation.
  • Please fill out all the required fields in the registration form accurately. We are not responsible for any unwanted situations caused by incorrect information provided.
  • Payment is due within 7 days upon receiving a pro-forma invoice. If the payment is not received in this period, your registration will be cancelled. 
  • If the information about the payee you have entered during the registration process is incorrect, the registration process will be cancelled.
  • Payment of the registration fee from Serbia is in dinars only. Payments from out of Serbia will be in euros. The price does not include VAT.

Communication by email. In the interest of efficiency, all formal communication related to CR Summit will be conducted through email. For registered users, Organizer will send required email about registration status, payment and event topics. To ensure you receive these messages, please add the domain to the address list in your email account.

All questions related to this document can be sent to the following email address:


Conference Republic doo
Resavska 32, Beograd