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Bojan Radlović

Fortenova Group

Bojan has held different leadership position within digital ecosystem over the last 10 years. First at McKinsey & Company where he led multiple large scale digital transformation projects across different industries. For his next challenge, Bojan joined Red Ventures – largest digital media company in the US (more than 750m monthly website visitors). There he was responsible for set up and growth of the European arm – which grew over 5 years from 0 to +1000 employees becoming second largest price comparison platform in the UK and largest in Spain and France.

After 18 years abroad, it was the combination of Fortenova’s scale, wealth of data, strong brands and appetite for growth that brought Bojan back to lead Digital for Fortenova Group. Digital at Fortenova has a vision to help our brands get closer to customers, with three strategic pillars: moving from data rich to data driven, enhancing customer engagement, and leveraging innovation.

Bojan holds an MBA from London Business School. “