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Dragan Bokan


Dragan Bokan commenced his career as an independent entrepreneur at the young age of 23, and is one of the pioneers of private business in today’s Montenegro.

He founded the company Voli in Podgorica, in 1995. Today, Voli is the most successful Montenegrin company, with the most employees and the largest market share.

The dynamic development of Voli’s network of supermarkets resulted in the development of the distribution activities of the company, including the most efficient logistics and distribution system in Montenegro, and the founding of Voli Motors Company.

His love for basketball and his desire to incite and motivate children and the young to engage in sports, brought Dragan Bokan to the helm of the most successful Montenegrin basketball club. His efforts to help the club, mostly wishing to overcome the economic crisis, and to organise the club in the most modern and efficient fashion, were extremely successful, since the club won the ABA League, and is participating in the prestigious EuroLeague.

Owing to his reputation of a modern and successful entrepreneur, well-known outside the borders of his own country, whose business decisions are founded on firm moral principles, he is included in all of the relevant economic developments in the country, and provides a significant contribution to the improvement of the economic and corporate milieu of Montenegro. He is the member of the Managing Board of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, and of the Managing Board of the Basketball Federation of Montenegro.

He has won many awards and recognitions, and is respected as a humanitarian, who initiated many socially responsible projects, which had a major impact on the society as a whole. Dragan Bokan, in addition to being a successful businessman, is also a husband and a father of four.