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Frederic Moulin


Frederic Moulin was born in France in 1983.

He graduated a High National Degree in Agriculture in 2003 in France and have further studied a Master in International Business in one Paris Business School in 2005.

While he was working in Croatia, he studied part Time MBA General Management in Munich Business School in Germany and graduated it in 2010.

He came to start working in agriculture for the Axereal Group in 2005 in Croatia as a Technical Manager on a company having Seeds multiplication farm, a seeds plant and was focusing on production contracts of brewing barley in Croatia to supply our malting plant in Croatia.

Then, he launched business for Axereal Group in Serbia in 2009 with two colleagues with a focus on production organisation with farmers in Serbia starting from seeds to the final product, which the company sells either on the local market or on export market. One silos was purchased in 2014 to strengthen the company activity in Serbia.

From 2012, Frederic took the Management in Croatia in order that beside brewing barley, they develop their activity in supplying of seeds, fertilizers and crop protection to farmers and to work all crops. They have significantly developed their activity in Croatia since 2015  and as well their export of grain and seeds activities to their main destination Italy.


Now Axereal Croatia and Axereal Serbia are recognized as stable and reliable partner on the market.


Based on that experience, he has been given the lead of the Axereal Bulgaria since March 2019. In that country the company is still at a very beginning phase to get to know the market and find opportunities of development.


Therefore, he is now Manager for South East Europe region pushing Axereal to become a significant and reliable partner in agriculture in all that South East Europe region.