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Ljiljana Kunosić

Bingo Group

Ljiljana Kunosić, is the CEO of Bingo Group, the largest company in terms of revenue and the largest employer in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the past 25 years, she has assisted the development of a small retail company with several stores into a leading retail chain with over 220 store locations. The retail business is the backbone of the Group together with 13 factories and seven (7) shopping centres.

Ms Kunosić is committed to improving the local business environment, developing strategies for future sustainable growth, and mentoring new generations of managers and business leaders.

During her carrier, Ms Kunosić received numerous awards recognising her business skills and her efforts to promote women’s entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among others she is the recipient of the Award for Manager of the Year in BiH (2022); the Award for Excellence and improving the FMCG sector, 8th FMCG Retail Summit (2022); the Award for the Manager of the Year in the trade industry (2016); Business Women of the year (2015)– by Women Association “One”.