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Ljiljana Kunosić


Ljiljana Kunosić was born in Tuzla, where she finished Primary school and  High school Mesa Selimovic.

After finishing high school, in 1980 she moved to Sarajevo, where she starts studying  at The School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo, and she graduated in  1984. After the graduation , she returned to Tuzla, and start working at the Tuzla Gymnasium as a professor of Mathematics in the period 1985-1986 year.  Wanting to engage in economic science and to take advantage of the knowledge gained during education and apply it in practice,  in 1986 she changes workplace and the employer and began working in the Social Accounting (SDK) as well as financial inspector. In  1996 she received an offer, which represents a challenge and wakes up  great interest, to take the job  in the company Bingo Ltd. That was in an early stage of their development, but revealing the possibility of applying the acquired knowledge, making decisions and managing . Coming in Bingo Ltd. finally created the opportunity to apply her  knowledge of theory in real business world . She participates in the creation of large company, which has been operating successfully and achieved remarkable results as it Bingo Ltd. today is.

Today, Bingo LTD is the leading retail company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where mrs. Kunosic has the leading part in managing and developing the strategies of future growth. Bingo LTD today has over 8000 of employees, over 200 stores and  20 companies all sorts of manufacture and retail in holding.